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A Voice for Waste

Chintan's Voice for Waste programme functions at the grassroots and reminds the world that waste is as much about people as it is about materials. In India, particularly, it is about the millions of poor who handle waste, saving public money and reducing greenhouse gases. We believe that programmes designed to improve environmental quality in the context of waste can only be green and sustainable if they include this group of people.

What Chintan Does

  • Partners with the informal waste-recycling sector in programmes designed to help the sector organize itself for inclusion in policies and to have secure, green livelihoods.
  • Advocates for policies that ensure social and environmental justice through publications, campaigns, networks and partnerships. Chintan has been part of committees that have resulted in inclusive new rules related to waste, such as the Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011. We have also impacted rules on e-waste and municipal solid waste.

A large part of our work under this programme is undertaken in partnership with an association of waste recyclers, Safai Sena.

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